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  • 20101210
    tought times we are going through. OK so i believe i told you that Lucas is a comeplete jerk right? If i didnt, now you know. Well Caitlin and Monique are BEST friends but everybody wants lucas to go away. Everybody except for monique, who "likes" him and i still cant get my brain around how that is POSSIBLE but oh well. Caitlin sees that Lucas is a jerk and HATES him and so me and ana and her have been hanging out away from that area to get away from lucas. Monique is angry that her "best friend" dissapeared and like wont talk to her. HMMMM I WONDER WHY....

    by Annakat - Comments: 2 - Views: 357
  • 20101207
    From now on, i'm just gonna do the highlight of the day unless it was really exciting....i dont think anybody reads this it's like talking to myself, which is lonely. Oh well. I like sharing :]

    Highlight of the day...

    Katlyn: Your so ######## <----- probably talking to Lucas, she doesnt even remember LOL
    Monique: Who farted?
    Caitlin: -rofls-
    Me: ????
    Caitlin: -explains-
    Me: -rofls-
    Monique: -giggles-
    Katlyn: ????
    Katlyn: -lols-
    Caitlin: -still rofling-
    Me: -stops-...

    by Annakat - Comments: 2 - Views: 265
  • 20101205
    YESTERDAY: Not much, the highlight was really Tyler fighting with lucas:
    Tyler: If your so smart, guess my weight!
    Everybody...: LOL
    LUcas: -guesses a few times-
    Caitlin: -guesses a few times-
    Lucas:....OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Everybody....: LMAO!!!!!

    Today: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!!!!!!!!! Your party was crazy....
    USC TOTALLY PWND UCLA!!! HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES???? hehe i wore my special USC socks and shirt.
    Since it was my sister, Katie's, birthday today, we went out to breakfast at Ihop (where i learned that Ihop meant...

    by Annakat - Comments: 3 - Views: 318
  • 20101204
    Today I have 2 soccer games.. One with my regular REC team, the Venomous Vipers, VS the All-Stars (I'm on the All-Stars, but since we were playing my REC team, I needed to be on their side). So of course, the All-Stars beat us in our first game. My next game, I'm playing with the All-Stars VS the club team. I hope we do well! Very Happy

    After that game, we're going to a player on the team's house. It's going to be.....

    by Nilla Cookie - Comments: 5 - Views: 260
  • 20101202
    WELLLL yesterday i told you i would be singing at the festval last night and so i did. WELLLLL before us was our enemy middle school, Richardson. Our hatred for eachother is kinda like the USC vs. UCLA situation. Yeah. Their school is right across the street. WTH. But anyway, their music program isnt very good. Last year, our beginning band pwnd their advanced band. Yeah. IKR. SO anyway me and my friend, Katlyn, got to the preformers entrance, and we thought our choir had started before us! But then as we got closer, we realized that these people didnt sound very good and they...

    by Annakat - Comments: 4 - Views: 266
  • 20101201
    OK i will start with the good day first....ok so yeah a pretty normal day but lunch was fun like yesterday!! Today we played classic truth or dare because we were bored of the other game. It was really pretty basic and all the people from befpre were there and Noe and Trent came to play this time too lol. But then it got pretty wild when monique dared caitlin to throw her apple core at was funny. But i think the vice principal saw that and she ended up coming over and she said she swore she saw like a water balloon or something hit him and him wiping something off...

    by Annakat - Comments: 4 - Views: 269
  • 20101130
    WOW at school i had an unnaturally good day ^^. At lunch break we played "will you go to the prom with me?"* with my many friends** and well so we were playing and this special needs guy, Tyler, who i dont think is really a special needs kid that much but anyway he walked over and so i invited him to play with us and he said "ok" and so we played and had so much fun! Eventually while Lucas was seeing who he was gonna ask, Tyler motioned kicking and pointing to Lucas' butt and everybody nodded and he kicked Lucas' bbutt and it was SOOOO fnny and Lucas' face...

    by Annakat - Comments: 5 - Views: 293
  • 20101128
    well so far today i am having a much better time on here than on FRI. if any of yoou have heard about it, i'm mixed up in that HUGE fight in the Free Market forum. Go check it out before a staff member finally go on and closes it. Yup. No online staff. Insults are flying, suspicions raising. It's awful.

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  • 20101128
    Mmks, so I has 90 posts here! Yay!
    I'm going for 100.. And this topic will make it 91, so.. Yay! I'm so close!! Very Happy
    What happens when I get 100 posts? O.o Do I get another star below meh name? Surprised

    by Nilla Cookie - Comments: 4 - Views: 260
  • 20101126
    MMMMMMMMM turkey sammich ^^ i didnt do much today....i dont think i'm doing anything tomorrow either...oh but i SHOULD be getting SC today!! yay!! but i wish i could go shopping Razz *sigh* another year.

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  • 20101126
    this should probably be on the blog section of the forum but i'm half awake right now. SO eh. But yeah....i mean its only like 9:00 but i wear contacts and i have not taken them out yet and i just ate THXGIVING dinner so im rlyy full and since i wanted to stayy awake i went to youtube and found the soundtrack for "inception" and i played the 1 with all the bass like BERRRRRR....BERRRRR because i love that noise...and i put my volume like super loud and i'm more awake...gotta losten to it some more though....god i love inception. i think i was the only person in the theatre...

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  • 20101123
    Its Trish here and I would like to show you this forum, The Blog.
    This forum is about Free Realms but also off topic things to share with our fellow Members here in Fanatics. Blogs are great ways to share your adventures and what happened today or tomorrow. Blogs are like diaries but to share with the forum members. Please remember to post in the right place.
    I will show you an example of a blog.


    Okay so the best thing happened today. My parents bought me a black iPod. Yippee! Finally, I got one and now I can hear my fave music! This is...

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