Rules and Suggestions ~READ BEFORE POST~

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Rules and Suggestions ~READ BEFORE POST~ Empty Rules and Suggestions ~READ BEFORE POST~

Post by Kayla Kaya on Sun Nov 14, 2010 9:55 pm

1. No Controlling others (This is Role Play not a puppet show, please do not control any movements of other members of role playing)
2.No personal information: Personal Info is not allowed ANYWHERE in these forums
3.All members are welcome-Please respect Everybody.
4.First Person and third person is welcome- First person is this: "I am so awesome". Third person is: "Kayla is so awesome"
5. Do not be mean -Although many people fight over times- Keep it friendly!
6. No blood and gore- no violence or any thing related, You could talkabout exsisting creatures in FreeRealms
7.No Romance- Remember this is aKID FRIENDLY FORUM after all
8. Character can have different jobs, but make it Focused on the story
9.Try to interact! -Its not fun to role play alone, everyone play together!
10.You MAY have more characters if you like
11. Have suggestions? Please Contact Trish Rawrz
12.Remember to use Double Parentheses to be out of topic of that role play- ((For example-I'm doing it right now!))
But please remember this is not a chat thread Its ROLE PLAYING!
13.Use (") to make your character speak. You may use - or * for actions
For example- Kayla sat down all alone and waited for someone to come, she then saw Katie on the hill "Hey! Katie! come here you little brat! I missed you SO much"
Other then that-Have fun!
These are the application for FreeRealms Topic Role Playing
If you want to start an new character and start role playing, you don't have to wait--
Just follow THESE info:
Gender: (Girl/Boy)
Character type: (Human/Pixie/Alien/etc.)
Character's age: (1-100)
Job/career: (Ninja adventurer brawler archer pet trainer and more! *Can pick more then 1 but LESS then 10)
Home realm: (Sea side, merry vale, and more!)
A brief history:
---For example:
Name:Kayla Kaya
Character type:Girl
Character age:16
Appearance:Blonde haired, icy blue eyes, a tan skin color, and loves to wear traveler's tank top and shorts with a white military hat and traveler's boots
Personality:Nice, Great,funny, and fun!
Job/career:Ninja adventurer, and archer!
Home realm: Seaside
A brief history: A young girl at age 4 lost her parents but did not know what happened her mother told her: "Great power, is in your heart" she and her dad gave her a necklace with a symbol of a blue dragon, and she is up to find them, and HER powers!
Edit to make more sense to others - By: Trish Rawrz
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