New Tasty Code for ThanksGiving

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New Tasty Code for ThanksGiving

Post by Trish Rawrz on Wed Nov 24, 2010 3:42 pm

How are you?
I got some tasty news for today! Theres a new code! A delishous one!
Its Crispy Crossiants!! (Hehe FR spelled it wrong) See?
Just put the code:
And it causes shadow flames around the player for 30mins!
Awesome Eh??
Key Key Key
Happy Thanksgiving.. Oh and more thanksgiving news... FR is having a thanksgiving parteh!

Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving in the United States is full of leftovers and food-induced sleepiness. The best cure for a culinary coma is to get moving. This Thursday and Friday we’ll do just that!

Grab your turkey suits and put on your turkey hats from the Marketplace because it’s time to work off those extra virtual calories in our Turkey Dance Party! Everyone will gather at the Pixiewood shopping district. It is just north of the Sanctuary warpstone.

Thursday November 25th , 2010
3pm Pacific Time
(U.S. and Latin America)
Server 1

Friday November 26th, 2010
9:00am Pacific Time / 4:00pm GMT
(UK and Europe)
Server 1

Bring your boombox and get ready to shake your tail feathers! You can go back to sleep when it’s over.

You can get to all of our Community events by using the Game Guide on your toolbar.


Please Contact Me If Need To.
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Re: New Tasty Code for ThanksGiving

Post by Nilla Cookie on Thu Nov 25, 2010 12:23 pm

Yummy.. I love croissants. (: ..Did I spell that right? xD
And I hope to be at the Turkey Dance. Very Happy YUM, Thanksgiving!
Nilla Cookie
Nilla Cookie
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