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tought times we are going through. OK so i believe i told you that Lucas is a comeplete jerk right? If i didnt, now you know. Well Caitlin and Monique are BEST friends but everybody wants lucas to go away. Everybody except for monique, who "likes" him and i still cant get my brain around how that is POSSIBLE but oh well. Caitlin sees that Lucas is a jerk and HATES him and so me and ana and her have been hanging out away from that area to get away from lucas. Monique is angry that her "best friend" dissapeared and like wont talk to her. HMMMM I WONDER WHY. And caitlin feels betrayed that Monique would choose LUCAS over her, the best friend. And honestly, i am totally on caitlins side. I think that what monique did was/is totally wrong. They are icy cold to eachother and its just really depressing. But, the reason of the problem is, as usual, LUCAS!!! ARGHHH!! *a few minutes later* I get an email and here is the quote:
"Have you guys seen caitlins blog? (idfibedvavnlf) I dont know what to do . I realy missed you guys(ssssssssssssss). But Lucas is my friend. I think the only thing i can decide is that i'm picking nobody."

SHE IS SO CLUELEESSSSS!!! UGH!!! heres my reply: (after i read her blog)
"you know she has a point. She is very upset about your decision, you know that right? I dont think it's right to cause somebody that much pain."

There! GUILT!!!!! TAKE THAT!! sorry for being so animated im just so angry! Like, Lucas wouldnt even miss her!!!!!!!!!

I didnt meet somebdy new today, Lucas' friend Sage. Yeah i know he is LUCAS' friend but he seemed nice. Hard to believe i know. And, a little attractive haha look at me being all weird. But everybody (meaning everybody BUT lucas) is beautiful in their own way <3

I guess thats all....im gonna go enjoy snowdays now since i cant have the real snow!!
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Katie Dogpaw

Post on Tue Dec 21, 2010 8:11 pm by Katie Dogpaw

WHY DID YOU NOT TELL MEH!!!!!?????? Grrr......anyway, I agree, I'm on Caitlyn's side, and everyone is beautiful in their own way. (Accept for my enemy.....GAR....)

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Post on Tue Dec 21, 2010 10:49 pm by Annakat

* Catlin

lol i didnt tell you because normally you'd be like ANNA I DONT CARE!!

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