Guide to Sept 9 update’s bonus goal armor

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Guide to Sept 9 update’s bonus goal armor Empty Guide to Sept 9 update’s bonus goal armor

Post by Lil4Stylez on Mon Jun 27, 2011 11:28 pm

This is copied and pasted off of Roland Spores thread on the Official Free Realms Forums.

On September 9, 2010, SOE updated Free Realms by adding in new armor drops in dungeons. Every dungeon now has a bonus goal. Completing a dungeon’s bonus goal will grant the player one random piece of armor. The armor will match the player’s current job. Its level (or name) will be determined by the difficulty rating (or tier) of the dungeon. Its color will be chosen randomly from a list of over twenty colors, some of which are also in the coin shop. You don’t need to be in the dungeon where the prize wheel corresponds to the item you want, only the level. In other words, you don’t need to be in the Forest Troll Fort to receive the Bull’s-Eye Archer Hat as long as you’re in a tier 5 dungeon.

No new armor was introduced during the update, only new colors. Every piece of armor in the coin shop or available in dungeons at the time of the update was made available in all of the new colors and capable of being granted through the bonus goal system.

All of the prize wheels remain unchanged by this update. The prizes previously on the prize wheels are still on the prize wheels and in the same locations as before the update. The armor on the prize wheels are in the same colors as before the update.

The Colors

Armor obtained as rewards from the bonus goal system can come in one of the twelve coin shop colors or one of the ten new colors. The colors are shown on the chart below.

The Armor

Tier 5
Tier 5 dungeons grant levels 16, 18, and 20 armor. Specifically, they grant the following:
Archer: Bull’s-Eye, Pin Hole, Upshot
Brawler: Bare-Knuckle, Knockdown, Power Punch
Medic: Enery Transfer, Stopping Power, Wound Ballistic
Ninja: Chunin, Jonin, Soke
Warrior: Action Power, Called Shot, Critical Hit
Wizard: Adept, Arcane Master, Archmagus

Tier 4
Tier 4 dungeons grant levels 12 and 14 armor. Specifically, they grant the following:
Archer: Bobtailed, Bodkin
Brawler: Barnburner, Stick and Move
Medic: Hydrostatic, Pressure Wave
Ninja: Kanja, Sensei
Warrior: High Initiative, Threat Range
Wizard: Adherent, Disciple

Tier 3
Tier 3 dungeons grant levels 8 and 10 armor. Specifically, they grant the following:
Archer: Cross Wind, Drifting
Brawler: Catchweight, Rubber Match
Medic: Emergency, Trauma Care
Ninja: Nusumi, Shinobi
Warrior: Charge Attack, Combat Bonus
Wizard: Practitioner, Scholar

Tier 2
Tier 2 dungeons grant levels 4 and 6 armor. Specifically, they grant the following:
Archer: Point Blank, Roving
Brawler: Bum Rush, Peek-a-Boo
Medic: Antibiotic, Urgent Care
Ninja: Nokizaru, Sekkou
Warrior: Basic Attack, Second Wind
Wizard: Hedge, Journeyman

Tier 1
Tier 1 dungeons grant level 1 armor. Specifically, they grant the following:
Archer: Hen Feather
Brawler: Saved by the Bell
Medic: Stable Condition
Ninja: Kusa
Warrior: Standard Action
Wizard: Novice

The Bonus Goals

The dungeons in bold-face are considered to have the easiest bonus goals for that tier.

Tier 5
Briarheart Caverns: Defeat all enemies!
Cray Caves: Defeat all enemies!
Dark Spore Depths: Remove five Necro Spores from Dark Spore Depths!
Forest Troll Fort: Find and defeat all the Elite Sneak Scouts!
Haunted Mines: Defeat the Spider Queen, Necrosis!
Snowy Canyon: Find the Elusive Tranquil Sasquatch!
Tanglewood Fort: Check in with the Chugawug Lookouts on the battlements!
Trail of Betrayal: Find all of the troll marching orders!

Tier 4
Bandit Hideout: Defeat all of the Big Bandits!
Briar Patch: Defeat the Mutated Shepards before Azure is defeated!
Croaking Vale: Free any captured frogs you find!
Darvon's Descent: Free the captured pixies
Frostfang Cavern: Defeat the giant bat!
Grexan's Camp: Free all the people trapped in cocoons.
Mugwort's Hollow: Defeat all enemies!
Treeleaf's Retreat: Knock out 50 Spikey Seedlings spawned by the Arboreants!
Vale of Ancients: Destroy all of the Corrupted Artifacts!

Tier 3
Bone Bog Cemetery: Find and defeat the 3 Bone Bog Skeletons!
Bristlewood Glade: Defeat all 4 Vileblooms!
Deep Mines: Find and defeat the Robgoblin Pyromancer!
Floren Forest: Rescue the Floren Budlings!
Forgotten Caves: Escort Archmage Petulia.
Howling Hills: Return all three Lost Ice Bear Cubs to their mother!
Misty Mountain: Find the pieces of the Oracle's lost tablet of teachings!
Mushroom Cavern: Collect all of the Sprouting Budlings!
The Snarling Hedges: Defeat the 3 Hedge Knights!

Tier 2
Arachnia's Lair: Defeat the 3 Webspinner Princesses!
Danger Peaks: Release the 10 Caged Birds.
Den of Secrets: Destroy the mysterious pillars within the caverns!
Highroad Hijinx: Destroy the Hooligan Weapon Racks!
Robgoblin Treasure Trove: Find Wizard Hildegarde's Spellbook!
Sweetwater Climb: Defeat the Big Hungry Bear!
The Bat Cave: Defeat the Elder Bats!

The Bonus Goals (continued)

Tier 1
Bear Cave: NONE
Bixie Hive: Save the Frightened Bixie Workers!
Cracked Claw Caverns: Release the trapped spirits of the explorers lost within Cracked Claw Caverns!
Cursed Graveyard: NONE
Hot Springs Haven: Destroy all of the yeti jam boxes!
King of the Ring: NONE
Sheep Watch: NONE
Tavern Cellar: Find and destroy all the brawl club rules!
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Guide to Sept 9 update’s bonus goal armor Empty Re: Guide to Sept 9 update’s bonus goal armor

Post by Trish Rawrz on Mon Jun 27, 2011 11:34 pm

Nice Guide (:


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