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Post by Trish Rawrz on Wed Dec 08, 2010 5:45 pm

Personal Info. One major thing that is banned from here. Do not share your personal info! I know the forum's profile options have like for example "Location", please don't write your real location.

Here is the list (Please Contact Trish Rawrz if you want to add another rule*)
* Never provide your password to anyone!
* Pornographic material
* Racism
* Overt personal abuse or threats to other posters or staff
* Swearing (There are children and teenagers here for Heaven's Sake!)
* Harrassment of other users or posting anything which would invade their privacy
* Spam/Commercial advertising -- (This includes "Gold Selling")
* Posting Personal Pictures (or pictures of friends, family, etc, anyone who is not a celebrity)
* Registering and using duplicate accounts after being banned or for any reason.
* All other breaches of the basic Forum Terms & Conditions in place at your time of registration or at any time during your membership of FreeReamsFanatics
* Personal Info (No asking, no giving.)


Rules Picasi12

Please Contact Me If Need To.
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